Why exhibit on a Country Pavilion?

German Pavilion

Why exhibit on a Country Pavilion?

Trade shows provide the platform for exhibitors to meet potential distributors and buyers, test market interest, evaluate the competition, and identify strategic alliance partners. Compared to traditional marketing forms it may not always be the cheapest marketing strategy, however where else can you meet current and prospective clients, suppliers and buyers under one roof? And while some brands may want exclusivity and a custom built stand, Pavilions offer exhibitors a cost-effective and hassle-free option to participate in an exhibition.

Trade show Pavilions provide an environment for various brands to display their products and services under one umbrella, along with other movers and shakers in the industry. This could be a region, country, product or association. With this prime, pre-booked exhibition space, Pavilions are designed to help exhibitors and the supporting trade and government agencies get the most of the exhibition experience. They offer a cost-effective and uncomplicated exhibiting experience with all the technical orders, logistics and the construction of their stand adeptly handled by contractors such as ConCept G Exhibitions and Events, working closely with the Pavilion organiser.

Exhibitors will hire space from the Organiser of the Pavilion and while they are part of the larger market segment, they are able to keep their own brand within their stand. This means that if a visitor is looking for products from a specific country or region and the exhibitor has space on the Pavilion, they are more likely to be found. Once space is hired, exhibitors need only to provide their stands artwork, any stand specifications and marketing material they may require, while everything else is taken care of and this means that they can focus on what they do best – selling their product.

In co-operation with a German OSPI (Octanorm Service Partner International), ConCept G Exhibitions & Events constructed the 168 square meter and 198 square meter German Pavilion for Africa Utility week (AUW) at the CTICC in Cape Town and for Africa Health at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, respectively. The entrance to the AUW Pavilion brandished a large hollow circular bulkhead where content was projected onto the white projection material affixed to the perimeter of the circular truss. Each of the Pavilions were also subtly decorated with squares in the colours of the German Flag placed strategically and vertically at the end of each of the facia banners.

Presented with an already complete design and technical build drawings from the German Government, our expert team built and realised the Pavilion, taking care of all the printed graphics, transportation, and installation of the stand as well as dismantling the Pavilion once the exhibition was complete.

ConCept G understands the requirement for the exhibit to stand out amongst the varied exhibits and displays at an exhibition or event and therefore, our resourceful team strives toward the realisation of majestic and quality bespoke Pavilions that are well-equipped and of world-class standard, while ensuring that the message of the brand is clear and accurate and that it amalgamates well with the aesthetics of the of the Country that is presented.

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