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Octanorm Stands

Octanorm or System as it is often referred to, comprises a natural anodized aluminium framework and infill panel system, which is a modular and cost effective solution for Exhibition stands and event infrastructure. ConCept G makes use of the Octanorm system to realise various exhibition stands, Shell Scheme stands and Country Pavilions. System design stands are modular, easy to store and can be fairly quickly assembled.

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Bespoke Stands

Bespoke’ means made to order; made to fit a particular entity, made from scratch to your specifications or, custom-made. It can also mean to order or arrange in advance. ‘’Off-the-rack’’ – on the other hand is an item which is standard, customised at the factory in certain measurements and details. Bespoke is therefore Custom or manufactured. ConCept G is the end manufacturer.

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Bespoke Outdoor Stands

Building for an outdoor event or for an outdoor exhibition stand can present a set of unique challenges, for instance, the structure has to be able to withstand the effects of all types of weather. The responsible contractor has to inspect and understand the lay of the land, which is crucial in the preparation and planning phase of the project. Often, an outdoor stand will involve a marquee structure.

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Design is everywhere…

The definition of Design: ‘’It is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction as in architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams, and sewing patterns’’; exhibition drawings & renders.

In general terms, Design is the art of communication, of stylising and problem-solving through the use of type and image. Exhibition Design is the process of developing an exhibit from a idea to a three-dimensional exhibition.


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About OSPI

OPSI is an international network of exhibition builders and stands contractors that are qualified as experienced full-service companies with expertise in all facets of Octanorm Exhibition Systems as well as other methods of exhibit design and fabrication. A crucial network for the exhibition and event industry, the application process is naturally, strict and there are few networks in the world that have the same high standard of professionalism as OSPI. With this global network, exhibition projects can be conducted locally, using an OSPI partner to engage and meet with the respective international clientele, as well as implementing the projects in the relevant countries to the highest quality standard. “Designed here, built there”: the OSPI principle is “Plan at home, then make a reliable impression anywhere in the world.

Each country has its own set of requirements and who would have a better understanding, experience and knowledge of said requirements than the local OSPI partner?’’ OSPI comprises skilled partners with country-specific exhibition stand exhibition stand expertise in more than 50 countries across five different continents, a partnership that is founded on trust, reliance and reassurance. The philosophy of Octanorm Service Partner International is “co-operation based on the trust in the area of exhibition stand construction no matter where in the world”, which echoes the philosophy of ConCept G with respect to Trust and Consistency.