Designed there, built here | designed here, built there

The Difference is in the Detail

Our Steps

The steps to Success and the philosophy of ConCept G revolves around the 7 CS:
  • Consistency – a team with an attentive/watchfull to detail and systematic and methodical approach
  • Competency – a team with the know-how and expertise comprising core competencies
  • Creativity – a team that develops creative solutions-based design concepts and integrated environments that flow seamlessly
  • Comfort – a team that ensures an interactive and personalised process that forms the foundation of our work and communication
  • Capacity – a team of integrated specialists dedicated to delivering excellence and full-service solutions
  • Cost effectiveness – team that designs and realises to the allocated budget with in-house manufacturing services
  • Confidence – a team that inspires to perfection, drawing energy and focus to the brand message, transforming marketing objectives into three-dimensional environments, communicating with clarity, commitment and vision to achieve the project objective and deliverable.

Let Us Built your Perfect Exhibition or Event Stand

Globally based contracting and design house fraternities often award us their concept designs for various projects in order for us to implement, build and realise. We then plan their exhibition projects locally and we implement them adhering to the highest quality standards. Each country has a unique set of requirements and this requires skilled partners like ourselves with country-specific exhibition stand expertise. We are an experienced full service company with expertise in all facets of exhibition build and realise solutions, both Bespoke and System.