Country Pavilion

The Difference is in the Detail

About Custom Country Pavilion

The success of any project in the exhibition or event industry lies in the proficiency of planning. Any project in our industry starts and ends with the design. This is a complete cycle. An accurate and detailed drawing leads to better planning and preparation in the production phase, which results in the successful realisation of the project during the build-up phase and a timeous and proficient hand over of the project.

In the case of country pavilions, such as the German Pavilion at Africa Health, attention to detail, breaking down the project into sectors with full team allocation, fully accountable for their areas of responsibility, proficient planning, constant communication with the client, consistent reassuring, asking the right questions and using our experience and expertise to execute adeptly, provides a successful outcome. Whether System or Custom, Country Pavilion projects are about dealing with many ‘mini’ exhibition stands, each with their own set of requirements, that are accommodated and incorporated into the overall look and feel and ultimately, fall under one umbrella component, being the branding and concept of the specific Pavilion