Brand Continuity Matters

Siemens at Africa Automation Fair

Brand Continuity Matters

Companies and individuals connect with Organisations when they have a strong and clear Brand identity, which creates repetition of space and instills confidence. Organisations increase their sales and leads through effective Brand continuity.

At its core, the major idea behind Brand continuity can be boiled down into one simple but important word: consistency. Regardless of the marketing techniques used, from the design of a company logo, clothing, website, and emails to flooring and graphics of a trade show stand or activation, everything should be complimentary of the Brand as a whole, creating a single, memorable look and feel, which becomes instantly recognisable and is an extension of the Brand.

At ConCept G Exhibitions and Events we treat each of our clients’ Brands seriously and we work with our clients to ensure that their Organisation’s corporate identity is followed, whilst ensuring that the trade show stand that we design and realise not only adds to the Brand experience, but is instantly recognisable.

This can be seen through the Siemens stand recently built for Africa Automation Fair 2017, taking place 6-8 June at the Ticketpro dome.

From the suspended white overhead bulkhead with the Siemens halo-lit logo which gives the stand a greater impact and visual reach, to the matching sprayed-to-pantone customised furniture, an inviting and functional modular bespoke stand design comprising an entire area of 126 square metres has been created, which can be entered from four directions and that exudes the Brand that is specific and unique to Siemens.

In addition to the customised furniture, the stand which is predominantly white includes splashes of the Siemens pantone blue to highlight various areas and selected visuals that speak to the event audience. The stand provides for the showcase of the comprehensive offerings of the various Siemen’s divisions relevant to Automation, with white duco sprayed custom networking counters, LCD screens and demo plinths to market the Siemens products. The theme for Siemens at AAF 2017 is Driving the Digital Enterprise. With a state of the art, powerful seamless panel wall featuring various presentations and live streaming to Germany, Siemens is clearly on show as a global powerhouse in diversified engineering.

The Siemens staff have been kitted out in Siemens branded clothing, further adding to the consistency and strength of the Brand.

Incorporating the signature colour palette, white click-flooring and visuals treatment, we are able to stay true to the Siemens Brand, telling their story and bringing continuity to the exhibit whilst achieving impact with attendees and with fellow exhibitors, who are taking notice.

Keep It Consistent, Keep It Relevant!

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Siemens at Africa Automation Fair 2017 Siemens at Africa Automation Fair Siemens at Africa Automation Fair